28 May 2011

Shadow of The Colossus

Here's another beauty, this time from one of my favourite magazines Fan The Fire. Ive been reading FTF for about a year now, after I came across it on Issuu when I was researching for a uni project, and it's addictive - believe me! It's got everything, from detailed and insightful film reviews, to a generous style section with at least 3 or 4 editorials each issue. And even better, it's free to read and download online! :)
I LOVE this womenswear editorial from issue 37 - available [here].

27 May 2011

Style me boho

How lush is this fashion editorial by Mariah Jelena for Faint Magazine? Im in love! The styling is by Christina Dietze & Rhia Taranto - and it is so beautiful, the body paint just finishes off the outfits. Very Miss Unkon S/S 2011!  xo

See the whole issue here: FAINT

Red Hot Leather

The leather skirt has been on the style scene for a little while now, and at first I have to say I really wasn't sure! The only leather in my wardrobe at the moment is my trusty biker jacket, a timeless piece that see's me through every season. But the more I see of the leather skirt, the more it's growing on me. Celebrity style icons were the first to jump on the style bandwagon, leading the way for the rest of the fashion pack. But what sold it for me was how versatile it can be, it literally goes with anything, for any occasion and for any weather! What more can you ask for? 

I just love how different one skirt can look when it's styled with a mixture of different pieces! Team it up with a tailored shirt and blazer combo for a day in the office, or throw on a crisp white Tee for coffee with the girls!

26 May 2011

Working Wardrobe

Merging your own personal style with a look that's suitable for a working environment is a tricky task for any girl starting out in the fashion industry. There's pressure to look stylish and chic, without looking like your dressed for a night on the town, and when it comes to shopping for the right look - where do you even begin? Luckily, everyones favourite one-stop online shop ASOS has once again come to the rescue! They've created their 'working wardrobe' collection, featuring everything you could possibly need to smarten up your wardrobe. I was so impressed with how fresh and (most importantly) youthful their styling was, there is nothing worse than rocking up on your first day at work dressed like a middle-aged bank clerk! Check out these little beauties...

A few new additions

So I start my new job as an Assistant Stylist in just over a week, and the pressure is kind of on to get my wardrobe in shape :/ Ive been hunting for some great statement pieces to freshen up the bits Ive already got, and these are 3 of the latest additions to my collection! :) Im sticking to a muted colour scheme, to make it easier to mix and match - but with a few bold pieces to make each outfit a bit punchier! :)

You can find all three of these at RiverIsland.com

24 May 2011


Im a little jewelry obsessed at the moment, especially anything featuring raw crystals and gemstones. Im loving the rustic natural styles that are popping up all over the place, and have fallen just a little bit in love with these beauties I came across recently by Stone and Honey! 

22 May 2011


Me and the boif
It's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks (so lack of posts) with a million and one things on my to do list. Im learning to drive (fiiinaly), sorting out a mammoth amount of junk that Ive accumulated over 3 years at uni, and sorting out my rather uninspiring wardrobe all before I start my new job in June! :/ It's a really exciting opportunity, working as the Assistant Stylist for a retail management company, I just don't feel old enough to be taking a real job! After finishing my degree at the start of the month I haven't had a moment to myself. I celebrated my 21st birthday this week, with a huge family meal and then a party with friends last night. With almost all of my friends studying at different uni's around the country, it was SO nice to have everyone together in one room again, and a great opportunity to dress up! :) I tend to play it safe when it comes to party-wear, but this time I decided to be brave go all out in a crisp white 60's style dress from Warehouse, needless to say that a large amount of alcohol + one very white dress didn't end well! :P

5 May 2011

Ray of Sunshine

This little parcel just arrived and brightened up my rather dull day! :) The earrings are to go with my 21st birthday dress...and the other two are just because it's thursday.

Here's what I bought...

Feather earrings // £8
Extra long ditsy necklace // £6
Silver cuff ring // £6
All @ ASOS

Girl Crush # 2

[ Gillian Zinser ]  
Ever since I saw her playing Ivy in 90210, I have been completely in love with her beachy surfer style. She can rock pretty much any look with ease - lucky girl!