30 Apr 2011

Girl Crush

I'd forgotten how much of a babe Isabel Lucas is! And how well she nails the Boho look! Perfect style inspiration for a summer packed full of festivals and sunshine! 

23 Apr 2011

Shot to the heart

Oh my! Thanks to Tuula for pointing these little beauties out! They're made by Janelle @ J Line Designs and just blew me away! Another addition to my birthday wishlist I think! :)


Having seen this lovely picture of Rumi Neeley a little while ago, Ive become completely obsessed with ear cuffs! My student budget wouldn't quite stretch to the Dannijo design she wears, but I got this great version on ebay for just £2.30 :) 

You can pick one up here!

22 Apr 2011

I ♥ David Bray

His images are just inspiring! He pushes the boundaries with his illustrations - some bordering on pornographic, but some how they aren't offensive just mesmerizing! 
Bray even released a collection of images entitled 'The let's get sued series' in which he took iconic brand characters like Mickey Mouse, Bambi & Popeye and drew them in a number of risque scenarios. 
What a man.

Super Cute Easter

Final degree stress is getting to me now - but Im sure if the easter bunny delivered a few of these I could forget about it all temporarily :)

Fashion, illustrated.

I stumbled across these lovely drawings this morning, all by freelance illustrator Christian Ward.
He puts his influences down as " comic art and contemporary fine art as much as graffiti and graphics as well art nouveau and film."
Well, whatever the influence - it's working! These are stunning!

//Pomme Pomme Cloubrabbit//
//Cold Wind//

* * * * * 

21 Apr 2011

I need this in my life

I have a worrying obsession with charm necklaces, the cuter the better - i NEED this.

It's War!

I love a good Stop-Motion video! And here's an exceptionally good one from Rhett&Link!

Nom Nom Nom!

Some rather imaginative cupcakes - technology has never been so tasty!

20 Apr 2011

What a perfect day...

...to start a blog! I spent the morning nervously getting ready for a job interview, and no amount of 'psyching up' stopped the butterflies in my stomach! It took me 3 days to decide what to wear, and it was all over in 20 minutes - greaaat! Oh well, by the end of the week I should know my fate...either Assistant Stylist, orrr Barmaid (again!).